Escape Garden Design was the inspiration of two seasoned business professionals.

Phil Hedrick brought 30 years of hands-on landscape design/build experience; Bruce Dreher brought many years of business management and accounting skills. This inspiration was driven by two basic ideas:

First, the company would be structured so its employees could develop their creative art and fully express their talent and education through every project. This would provide them with the foundation and environment to grow and prosper doing what they love.

Secondly, the company would be structured so it could develop a comprehensive product delivery system to its clients. This system would give each client a custom design, quality installation, and on going landscape maintenance services. This system would be focused on value and on meeting the client’s landscape needs in every way.

To insure the success of both ideas the company has attracted and retained top designers, and landscape professionals. It has purposely resisted many opportunities to expand and focuses all of its talent, energy and resources on its projects and clients one at a time.

Every one of us at Escape Garden Design thanks you for your interest in our services and would answer any of your questions with joyful enthusiasm. Please contact us directly for more information:

Phil Hedrick
Principal/Landscape Designer
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Bruce Dreher
Principal/General Manager
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Jennifer Dolecki-Smith
Landscape Architect
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Martina Waititi
Office Manager
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Kevin Tucker
Construction Manager
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Jorge Flores
Construction Foreman & Landscape Artist
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