• Retaining Wall

  • Waterfall Detail

  • Secluded Main Entrance

  • Waterfall Plantings Detail

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This client asked us for a mountain retreat, which resonated with the tranquil sounds and sites of nature’s Rocky Mountain cathedrals – a place to take private solace from the rigors of the city pace. An alpine mountain tranquility garden was created…

To answer his request Escape designers chose the natural elements of a high alpine stream accompanied by a large in ground spa and natural stone decking for peaceful contemplations or evening merry making with friends and family.

Large native stone boulders were arranged to create a natural looking stone waterfall and accents. Rocky Mountain wildflowers were scattered throughout the property and ornamental grasses were used to compliment waterfalls and pond.

Locations were included in the design to display the owner’s collection of Eastern spiritual art. Large native evergreen trees and shrubs were planted around the perimeter of the property to insure privacy.