• Byodo-in temple -Amida Hall

  • Byodo-in temple - Amida Hall right corridor

  • Byodo-in temple - Garden detail

  • Joruri-ji temple - Western temple view from path

  • Joruri-ji temple- Three-story pagoda on pond shore

  • Joruri-ji temple - Stone bridge connecting to the Pure Land island

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We can examine the Heian period gardens in three stages, the early, middle and late.

Approximately 1200 years ago the city of Heiankyo (present day Kyoto) was founded creating a new beginning for the Japanese garden.

In the early Heian period large gardens were constructed utilizing the town abundant water resources for natural ponds and streams.

In the middle period nobility built palaces in the “Shindenzukuri” style in which the gardens where viewed from the main hall (Shinden).

The Late period was characterized by the “Jodo-shiki” or “Pure Land” style where temples were placed on islands in ponds to represent the ultimate paradise of Amida Buddhism.