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By installing one project at a time, we give our full attention to each project and each clients needs.

Having been involved with the design process from the beginning, our site construction manager and staff have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the project, including the clients desires, design concepts and budget.

They not only understand the design and how to construct it, but they understand the process and communication which developed the design. This understanding is the key to their development of a successful project.

  • Construction layout – Layout design on site based upon the final approved design, locate hazards, protect existing trees
  • Excavation – Re-shape the earth to make room for the “bones” of the garden
  • Materials selection – Each project element is hand-selected by the designer prior to installation
  • Hard-scape installation – Install accent boulders, natural retaining walls, outcroppings, patios, water features, and evergreen and deciduous trees. Landscape designer/architect works with the construction crew to achieve intended goals with the installation of the hard-scape
  • Planting bed location and establishment – Establish bed locations through collaboration of the Designer and Construction crew. Soils are amended, and beds are edged and readied for planting
  • Irrigation and mechanical installation – Install Irrigation, electrical wiring, pump, etc.
  • Planting completion – Landscape designer lays out trees, shrubs, perennials lawns and native areas, which soften the hard-scape, bring life to the cracks and crevices in the rock, and pull the final design together
  • Top dressing – Beds are mulched, project is completely detailed, all systems are checked and adjusted, and a total clean-up is completed
  • Final walk-through – Client, Landscape Architect, Construction Manager, and Site Manager take final walk through of project. Final adjustments are completed. Contract is closed