Escape Garden Design is a full service design/build firm, based upon 30 years of designing and building experience in Rocky Mountain alpine landscaping.

We take responsibility for each phase of every project, including design, construction, warranties and maintenance. This singular responsibility ensures that the final product is constructed properly, with quality materials and quality workmanship.

Through our many years of experience, we have learned that the secret to developing our product and maximizing our client’s landscape investment, is our process. Close collaboration with architects, builders, and within our company means that the design and construction of each project is as seamless as possible. We work to design and build a landscape that embraces the overall intentions of the existing structure or to create design direction where none may exist.

We have designed, constructed, and maintained projects of every size, from small residential gardens, to large estates, commercial condominium complexes, public parks, and wildlife stream development and restoration. Consistently working together year after year, our designers, installation, and maintenance professionals have achieved a high level of artistry and detail in every project.

We find great joy in giving a gift as personal as a garden.