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After the project is constructed, there is still a lot of development that goes into a well established landscape.

As an optional additional service to our design build process, we offer on-going maintenance to our clients. Our maintenance professionals assure that each landscape, as a 4 dimensional art is nurtured and cared for to achieve its maturity and increase in value over time.

By staying in close communication with the client and the Landscape Architect, our maintenance professionals can assure that each project is brought to maturity reflecting the true design intentions.

  • Maintenance professionals meet with designers – Communication aids in the understanding of the goals and concept, so that our maintenance professionals can work toward helping the client achieve those goals
  • Regular on-going Maintenance – Maintenance professionals use their expertise and knowledge to make sure that the design is developed to its full potential. This includes lawn care, perennial care, water feature care, fertilizers, pesticides, fish care etc.
  • On-going communication with the landscape architect/designer – A high level of communication gives our professionals the ability to keep the designer informed on the new developments in the landscape
  • On-going direct communication with the client – Our maintenance professionals are always willing to take the time to talk to you, and to get the process going should you decide to add more to your landscape