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Some Gardens…

Old Adirondack ChairSome gardens are created to move through, and some gardens are created to be in.
When you create a place to “be”, you need to have two things-

1.  something to draw you there, and

2.  something to keep you there.

Both of these elements are important, yet very simple.  The drawing feature can be visual such as a waterfall, firepit, or a sculpture, or it can be audio such as a waterfall that you can hear but cannot see.

A Space to Stay

Once one discovers and arrives in a space there needs to be a reason to stay.  The warmth from a fire, the cool beauty of a water feature, most often, in any of these places, the comfort of a waiting chair or swing.  This element cannot be forgotten or overlooked. There needs to be an appropriate relaxing place for one to remain there;  to view the garden, to read a book, for quiet contemplation, to share a moment with someone.


Below is a link to some of the most inspiring perches and lounges I have seen.  Most often, I find people look at furniture as an after thought- but after viewing these, I venture a guess you may be dreaming up a garden around you just so you can enjoy the seating.  I know I do.

Click here to see the ideas of many talented people on my Garden Seating page on Pinterest

Just 7 days till Spring!




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